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Troubleshooting and Repairs

Many times companies with existing networks have difficulties with hardware that was previously installed. Maybe premise wiring was installed incorrectly or the appearance may not be to your liking. It may have gotten damaged or broken.

As your company's network grows there are times when you are in doubt if existing ports are active or have been disrupted. Layer One Cabling can assist in the repair of existing hardware to your network cabling infrastructure. There may be no need for additional wires or cables to be installed if simple repairs to your network can be made. Making your downtime shorter and getting your network back online.
Cable Installation

Layer One Cabling will install high quality cabling products for your new network or phone system. Starting your new network with high grade state of the art technology that has just been newly manufactured can put you ahead of your competitors.

Layer One Cabling can also add to your existing network design and concept. We will attempt to match existing hardware currently being used so your work environment will appear unchanged.
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From large multi-level buildings to single runs or workstation moves. Layer One Cabling will focus on your project until completion. Customer satisfaction always a priority.
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